NXIVM and Executive Success Programs

NXIVM Corporation


A seminal company whose mission is to raise human awareness, foster an ethical humanitarianism, and celebrate what it truly means to be human. NXIVM pursues various endeavors involving the creation of community-building spaces housing athletic, spa, and health and wellness facilities.

Executive Success Programs, Inc.

A company designed to advance human potential and ethics through various programs that are practical applications of Keith Raniere's patent-pending technology, Rational Inquiry®. To date, over eight thousand individuals from more than thirty-three countries have participated in these programs.


Jness is a company providing unique experiential education for women to explore themselves and their role in today's world. It likewise offers women infrastructures for networking, resource sharing and community building.

Rainbow Cultural Garden

A highly innovative child development program designed to promote children's cultural, linguistic, emotional, physical and problem-solving potential. The program's unprecedented success has drawn the attention of child development experts, private investors and dignitaries from the United States and Mexico.


A highly experiential, multidisciplinary program designed to advance the full range of human expression in all its various forms. Created by Keith Raniere, Ultima® is an application of Rational Inquiry® and is implemented by his coauthor and colleague Ivy Nevares through her company, Nataraja Center for Movement Arts.

In Lak’ Ech

A civil movement in Mexico seeking to transform violence with compassion. Its presence in various parts of the country has already reclaimed areas once held in the grip of violence. In these areas, for instance the La Condesa sector of Mexico City, families are once again able to walk their neighborhood streets without fear.

A Cappella Innovations

A non-profit organization dedicated to creating public awareness and enjoyment of the human instrument by fostering open, genuine expression and exploring its application to humanity, civilization and ethics. The organization has held two high-profile public events, inviting select college a cappella groups to join together during weekend programs providing groundbreaking workshops and master classes with experts from the a cappella and entertainment industries.

Ethical Humanitarian Foundation

The Ethical Humanitarian Foundation is a private, not-for-profit foundation supporting endeavors that promote embracing humanity, developing ethics and moving humankind towards a more noble civilization.

World Ethical Foundations Consortium

The World Ethical Foundations Consortium (WEFC) is a highly directed, non-profit initiative promoting the understanding and application of compassionate ethics in the world community. Our distinguished members are individuals demonstrating a high degree of ethics and a commitment to humanity—compassionate ethics—and an expertise in at least one community branch.